Bregenz’de düzenlenen ERSCP kapanış toplantısında yapılan konuşma

Ayhan Enginar 03.05.2012
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very happy to be among you at the closing evening of the European Round Table on Sustainable Consumption and Production (ERSCP). Experts from almost 40 European countries discussed this important issue for three days in Bregenz, at the westernmost corner of Vorarlberg, unser Land, in the heart of Central Europe, where Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein meet. Being the only resident Consulate General in Vorarlberg, we see ourselves as the diplomatic representative of all the international community in Vorarlberg. Thus, it is very natural, other than being a pleasure, for me to be here today.

On the other hand, Turkey is among the participating European countries at the ERSCP. Moreover, the ERSCP will be organised by Turkey next year. We are being represented by the University of Bosphorus at this very important meeting, aimed at assuring the future of human kind through the regulation of sustainable production and consumption, thus by the protection of the environment.

I thank you all for contributing to this effort. I congratulate the authorities of Austria, Vorarlberg, unser Land, and the ‘Ökologie Institut’ for this successful organisation. I also wish the best of success to the University of Bosphorus for the organisation of the next ERSCP meeting. The Bosphorus University is among the very best in Turkey, and seeing as it is also an English-speaking University, I should probably cut my speech short and end it here, in presence of the esteemed professors.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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